How It Works

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How We Work

The BPO Professionals was established in early 2020. We are a team of zealous and experienced professionals located in the capital city of Zimbabwe. We cater for the Australian, American, UAE and UK markets, our vision and drive is to expand our reach worldwide. Zimbabwe is emerging as an outsourcing destination with English being one of the official languages of the country; this is further supported by a time zone that overlaps with most regions. The country also has a large pool of qualified people with it being one of the most educated countries in Africa.
The BPO Professionals help our clients find creative solutions that add value to their businesses. We go beyond answering services, our team provides trust. Through supporting our clients, to meet their objectives, we can deliver our promise of driving business growth for their brands and bringing their visions to life. This is done through the provision of relevant, cost optimised support solutions
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Workflow Process​

1. Your BPO agent will work with you during your work times, unless you prefer otherwise
2. They will clock in and out everyday using biometrics.
3. In terms of work you would like done , you can communicate directly with your agent as to tasks, duties, deadlines and any other specifics.
4. You have total access to your BPO agent in real time via emails, VOIP phones, video conference calls , chat applications etc making communication easy and instant. 5. To ensure productivity we have apps that monitor how an agent’s time is spent on the computer. In addition, on request we can provide video camera feeds in real time.

Our Approach to Onboarding

You the client chooses the type of services you require.


 We draw up a contract for you specifying duties and responsibilities you require to be for filled.

We find the best candidates from our selection of highly qualified and experienced  professionals (with valid police clearances).

Once we have selected the top candidates you join us for the interview then you pick the candidate you like the most.

 We then set you up with your required workstation, systems for remote access or cloud-based functions.

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